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Ground Control Center provides comprehensive air traffic management along flight routes and coordination of ground handling of aircraft and passengers at airports. Information collection and processing, analysis and forecasting of the situation to ensure the safety of air traffic in the airspace and at aerodromes.

A full range of ground handling services for aircraft and passengers at all airports in Russian Federation. Aerodrome charges, air navigation services, VIP terminals, catering, aircraft fueling.

The best deals from Fuel Complexes. High quality standards. Insurance cover. Credit line for regular customers. 24-hour dispatch service of the Ground Control Center.

Organization of obtaining permits for the right to fly. Analysis of government requirements. Obtaining permission for overflight and landing.Permits through diplomatic channels.

Organization of passenger service. Organization of separate check-in counters for passengers. Passenger service through VIP halls, GAT. Crew transfer. Organization of meeting rooms. Flight Catering. Customs and Immigration.